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Q: Is there a rental contract to sign?
A: Yes. We will email you a rental contract to sign once you confirm your event date(s) and which equipment you need.

Q: What are the power requirements?
A: Each trailer requires a 110v dedicated 20 amp power source within 100 ft of placement. If you do not have power available, we offer quiet convenient generators that you can rent with the unit. The generators will arrive full of fuel, but for long extended use, you will be responsible for refueling.

Q: What about water requirements?
A:  Each unit requires a basic garden hose with average household pressure from your home or facility. If you do not have a long enough hose, let us know ahead of delivery. We can arrange to fill the onboard water tank when we arrive at your location. Then you can use the unit without a hose connected.

Q: How does delivery work, is there an additional fee?
A:  There’s no fee if your event is within a 30 mile radius of our storage facility.  For delivery beyond this radius, a surcharge will be added to your invoice. Please contact us and provide the specific delivery address to determine whether a delivery charge is applicable.

Q: Where can you park and set up the trailer?
A:  The unit must be parked on relatively level / flat surface, clear of trees and branches. The entry path to the setup location must have a minimum overhead clearance of 10′ from buildings and tree branches.


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