6 Tips to Improve Safety and Comfort Around Portable Restrooms

Female hands using hand sanitizer gel pump dispenser

Event organizers that care enough to choose luxury portable bathrooms should ensure that the location and set up of the trailers meet that luxury standard. Take a little time to provide guests with the safety, hygiene, and comfort they need as they enter and leave the trailers. These six simple steps can make the use of the bathroom facilities much more enjoyable.

#1. Add Some Seats

Add several chairs to the waiting area outside the trailers. The seats will provide comfort for people as they wait for their turn, or wait for their children or others. Place the seating slightly to the side of the trailers rather than directly in front of the unit, so the guests inside have some privacy as the door opens.

#2. Install a Canopy

Nature does not always cooperate with the plans people make. Pop-up canopies are usually simple to install and inexpensive to rent or buy. The shelter protects guests from rain droplets or the rays of the sun while they wait for their turn in the trailer. A canopy also protects the seats from getting wet during a rain shower or overheating in the sun.

#3. Supply Some Sanitizer

Some people dislike touching a restroom doorknob as they leave, despite studies that show bathroom doorknobs have fewer germs than many other areas of public bathrooms. A few bottles of hand sanitizer on a small table near the waiting area could make many people more comfortable.

#4. Hang Some Signs

A few signs placed around the event area can help to guide guests to the bathroom trailers. The addition of the signs helps people to get to the facilities faster, and avoids the embarrassment some may feel if they must ask around for the bathroom location.

#5. Choose the Surface Wisely

Portable bathroom delivery typically only takes place when there is a level spot for the unit, but that does not mean it is easy to walk across the lawn surrounding the trailer. The types of shoes worn for formal events rarely have good traction and grass or dirt could cause people to slip as they leave the trailer.

Choose a paved area for the trailer, if possible. If pavement is not available, use a carpet instead. Outdoor carpets offer a secure walking surface and look more elegant than bare earth. Make certain the carpet edges lay flat and there are no ripples in the material that could become a tripping hazard.

#6. Install Adequate Lighting

Most event planners prefer a separation between the restroom facilities and the main party area. The distance can leave bathroom users in the dark when an event takes place after sunset. Make certain the path to the bathroom and the surrounding area has adequate lighting.

The most common concern is a slip and fall. The unfamiliar terrain or debris left behind by other partygoers could lead to an accident. Backyard events, especially in rural areas, may have the risk of skunks or other wildlife lured by the smell of food and overflowing trash cans. Planners for larger events also need to stay mindful of the risk of criminal behavior in dark, isolated areas.

There are many inexpensive outdoor lighting options. LED rope lights and strings of globe lights wrap easily around canopy legs and trees. Rows of solar yard lamps can also help to add brightness, and usually have enough power for events scheduled to end a couple of hours after sunset.

Set the date, sketch your layout, and give us a call. At VannGo, we offer immaculate luxury bathroom trailers that we will happily install in any secure location you prefer. Contact us today to book a trailer for your event.

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